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Ana_Dominguez_TRANSART_01 b78d2a3c444f11e28dc022000a1f8c21_7 IMG_4162tumblr_m9r7l15sez1qcdg4no1_500tumblr_m52x90hsfN1rok2i0o1_r1_500 tumblr_ma8rmohNCz1rrns0oo1_500 tumblr_mfth7iOVCH1rj731po1_1280


1. Photo by me. 2. Love the dress. And the hat. 3. Beautiful wallpaper by Alberto Seveso. 4.Nice looking book on a nice looking background (I use the word NICE a lot). 5. Stil life on my staircase. 6. Flowers from my friend Simon. 7. Dries Van Noten, 1994. 8.  Flowers I like. 9. Cute outfit. 10.One of my favorite instagramers, @isabelitavirtuel.

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