Black and white inspiration

scriptical-wordpress-a-head-for-business-and-a-body-for-sin-karlie-kloss-by-roe-ethridge-for-acne-paper-winter-2012-13foto 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtumblr_mbtopgK7UY1rdwik4o1_500tumblr_mco9gtcwwg1qzx5uho1_500Exif_JPEG149555_459490269101_2906759_nhandstand1 003idas iphone 370


I guess im a color girl. I like all kinds of colors and never use the black and white filters on instagram. But here is some pictures I like even though the color is missing. 1. From Acne Paper 2. My new favourite blog and boy : Vincent! It’s unfortunately in danish. 3. Old picture of my friend Nadia and I in Barcelona. Love this shot! 4. A nice room 5. A good looking Kate. Also very young. 6. Jil Sander campaign. Don’t know what year. 7. The lovely and talented Simone. 8. Elegant women. 9. My profile picture from Instagram that just happend to be in black and white and I never changed it. Quite ironic considering i never use black and white in my feed. Maybe it’s time to change?

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