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November 12, 2013

tumblr_lrihnt9EIZ1qdk7tmo1_1280tumblr_mv9ux1noPB1rivesto1_1280tumblr_m3yyytEszk1qagpxbo1_50002f0c9a08fe305a0f6c61386a2a16ddf 04df0c156ac9298b419a9d5961248564553075_506824799995_1700561003_n tumblr_mmh1pnp6Pd1sn8vzco1_500 tumblr_muipy3urR31qbhxv3o1_1280 tumblr_mvm9h2IF3v1rrfowao1_500

Love the picture of Saxo and I in Berlin. Me drinking pink champagne and him DJ’ing:)

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