Who I like to follow on Instagram

…Talented people from Russia! When I first started using Instagram, it was an incredibly creative eye opener for me. I discovered one creative person after the other. I was so happy:) In the beginning I was often fascinated by talented Swedish people. I could sense a common swedish aesthetic which I loved. Light, darkness, snow and coffee. Scandinavian everyday life. Annette Pehrsson was my first big inspiration on the network and she will always be an icon for me. Later I started to follow people from the US and got an uncontrollable urge to go to New York to eat food and drink beautiful coffee. I was like many others also attracted to the style that belonged to the American lifestyle magazine Kinfolk and followed creatives profiles that belonged to the environment around the magazine.
Now I’ve got my eyes on instagramers from the biggest country in the world, Russia. I find the most beautiful profile after the other. I can’t put the exact words of common denominators in their aesthetic expression, but they’re all moving towards a dreamy and poetic universe, which I always will be attracted to. I am especially interested in the way human bodies are portrayed. Furthermore, I sense that a lot of the same color tones are repeated. Deep and bright colors. The stunning nature is also a recurrent theme.
Check out some of the russian people I follow on Instagram below.

10537968_557628801004242_1981001855_n 10643892_1505718959673973_456529860_n 10852662_384086778415026_778184995_n

Darina Belonogova

928825_564796573657007_35346889_n 10724044_768950119829533_1872433080_n 10747772_1504262879843645_168364837_n 10848466_354079274764358_1244787448_n

Darian Volkova

10326478_1523712297856357_1884472792_n 10424557_1494083070809503_1001045629_n 10453957_590726251047323_618289524_n 10844050_1506783496253298_184672001_n


1b79fa4cf36011e2917022000ae9141e_7 929026_768804676468214_489878509_n 10507919_308434345994366_1954454017_n 10632121_899119236782750_1057019548_n

Ksenia Aszanovich

923797_1463335330557947_1719630581_n 926418_1413632862242743_1671310420_n 1389166_215034175342312_685400008_n 10691857_526879194109350_34943218_n

Anna Pavlova

10661205_1475704069377350_600556423_n 10683784_1481648955430852_1146122287_n 10731748_328934833952095_1537555699_n10731605_599050756873737_1113963259_n

Anna Remarchuk

929221_821962027854641_1453424162_n 1740052_545472108888798_840099168_n 10691840_714838075249381_1418699869_n 10735159_855461091172329_1837264020_n

Katja Iakovlieva


  1. Aha, I have a similar history to yours with instagram, as my first passion was the nordic aesthetic – and I still love it, honestly – then turned into an american love affair with darker instagrammers, the morbids as I call them, and am now completely entranced with russians and the way they perceive food photography.

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