Peter Gentenaar

3facd25d61f3e70c42c49fd0254fda95 e0011c0c939cfcba071030872966c50d 002595351fe34d46a02e119fa719d24a 881a65557f61864929c677711aa4f0d0
Peter-Gentenaar-close-up petergentenaar_7 Peter_Gentenaar_Paper_Sculpture_4 p1000935
petergentenaar_16 paper_sculpture_peter_gentenaar 2 279223245616823365BZZRS3Zyc Peter_Gentenaar_Paper_Sculpture_10-537x405 Peter-Gentenaar-2 1082091332

Peter-Gentenaar-paper-design Peter-Gentenaar-eternal-flame-paper Peter-Gentenaar-blue-paper-art Peter-Gentenaar-in-the-air Peter-Gentenaar-paper-art

Breathtaking work by the Dutch paper artist Peter Gentenaar. I wish I could see the paper sculptures in real life. The organic forms and beautiful colors are truly alluring.


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