The last Japanese Mermaids

yoshiyuki-iwase-e5b2a9e780ace7a68ee4b98b-12 yoshiyuki-iwase- yoshiyuki-iwase- tumblr_lj48kvJKrW1qgrsw6o1_500 konbu-harvest-45-x-55 radical-palisade slinging-poles-onjuku muscular-backs-1 Young Apprentice Divers Z4 Ama Circle II Grounding a Longboat 17 Robed Ama w Barque yoshiyukis13
yoshiyukis16 yoshiyukis14 yoshiyukis19 yoshiyukis81 yoshiyukis5 yoshiyukis22 yoshiyukis10
yoshiyukis1 yoshiyukis6 yoshiyukis21 yoshiyukis12 amadivers yoshiyukis3 yoshiyukis yoshiyukis4Beautiful photographs of Japanese peal divers from the 50ties by Iwase Yoshiyuki. You can read more about the fascinating phenomenon of female divers here,


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