1. I really want to put one of your pictures in my blog because I really like it. Is that a problem?

  2. Looking at your pictures makes my day. Absolutely love them. I love your perception of seeing things.. it shows up in your pictures.

  3. I love your blog so much. I have been following you for a couple of years now. You inspire me so much. I also love that you admire Beyonce too, just like me. You and your family are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. xxx

  4. Hello, i’m ivanira. I’m a student, doing introduction to design.
    I would love to interview you if possible. To put in this blog assignment.

    I follow you on instagram beautiful family and amazin pictures. I can see the love.

    I hope you can help me.

  5. I adore your instagram Ida; your images are enchanting and spellbinding…Very glad to have found your blog also :-))

  6. You have a beautiful Instagram account. I always feel peace and comfort looking at your photos. I don’t know if you noticed, but aj_braveheart has been leaving obscene, immature and annoying comments. You may want to block him. His comments are not in the tranquil spirit of your account.

  7. I love looking at the way you look at life through your photos. If you would please inform me on what camera you use and editor i will be so happy.


  8. Hi

    I am following ur profile thru instagram and your photos are amazing..I would. Like to know what preset you use to edit ur picture..I have a new born son would like to his picture in this beautiful color tone..

    Many thanks


  9. Hi Ida !
    Your photography is beautiful. I’d love to buy the photo of the egg on the table with the little hands on the chair. I actually want to enlarge it maybe 4′ x 3′
    And hang it in my dining room.
    Do you sell your work? Looking g foreRd to hearing from you.

  10. Hej Idalærke
    Jeg har fulgt dig på instagram i noget tid og er virkelig vild med dine billeder. 🙂 Et af dem er jeg blevet helt vildt med og vil gerne have en del af det tatoveret 😉
    Kan man få/købe et billede så tatovører kan se det i fuld størrelse??
    Maja Christine

  11. Hey Idalærke
    I have followed you on instagram for some time and are really interested in your pictures. 🙂 One of them, I reallly like and would like a part of the tattooed;)
    Can I get / buy a picture so I can see it in full size??
    Maja Christine

  12. Hi I love your pictures on instagram. I’m a BA Honors fashion design student in the UK. Will it be ok for me to use a few of your pictures for my contextual file. I’m doing my final major project at the moment and my theme is the four seasons of the year and your pictures fits perfectly due to it being spring over here at the moment. Xx

  13. Hi Ida, I love your Instagram feed! I am visiting Copenhagen in September for a few days and wondered if you had any tips for good places to go? I am visiting from Scotland and it will be my first time in Denmark.
    Thanks, Emily

  14. Hej.
    Så et billede på Instagram med en kaffe-dåse fra Cirkel Kaffe.

    Sådan een havde jeg nemlig tidligere, men fik den i opvaskemaskinen og det kunne den ikke tåle. Derfor mit måske underlige spørgsmål – er det din egen kaffedåse og er den evt. Til salg?
    Pft og god sommer 😄.
    Maria Jensen

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