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Liss – Try

August 26, 2015

Monday inspiration

August 10, 2015

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I have been on holiday for some weeks with my family. I really needed a break from Instagram and the internet so have been low on posting. Sometimes

Styling for Kartotek

July 17, 2015





I styled some pictures for the danish stationery brand Kartotek. If you like paper and beautiful notebooks Kartotek is the place to go.

Triumph – Gwilym Gold

July 13, 2015

Watch this

Sunday feeling

July 12, 2015

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Save Amager Fælled

July 8, 2015

1390144_1374418922805425_1613445995_n10903284_1529788337290475_705290876_n1516329_422206057936455_1678842847_n11191437_976258055725531_1234590488_n11363842_914957828546684_736940583_n10584783_325188167657315_1423822645_n 11084677_1559151617678281_2100762130_n 11123913_1567544263509337_871797533_n 11186969_829937250412449_489749331_n 11189236_485258534954551_947838253_n 11142800_832888130099743_2066844608_n 10593383_429440610563808_1043427825_n 11363842_914957828546684_736940583_n 1389652_1407974799436754_1533399936_n 11353005_1672933236269881_22594690_n 11325047_857158117673024_1101071281_n 10175136_314642118686821_1943073053_n 10424574_246480578884155_752471363_n 10483473_687791084607418_2056954131_n 10817902_890345624343756_521429765_n 10808815_552216878246666_389576866_n 10788001_418264374999138_1409485680_n 10832195_599174950194218_353667517_n 10817634_817709851585759_2103127660_n 923863_693193367460533_236877258_n 10788013_777695125599552_785697362_n 10727426_1444398989134081_991267744_n 10986213_404321996359533_9370083_n 1527620_1430596080573545_1186652504_n 11376483_1610472905875450_2106017824_n   In Denmark we just had a parliamentary election, and got a new liberal government. One of the new government’s goals is to build a new highway tunnel, running under Copenhagen’s harbor. The tunnel will emerge at two of my absolute favorite green areas in Copenhagen; Kløvermarken, a huge green area with mainly soccer fields and also where my allotment garden is located. The other place is Amager Fælled, a wonderful big wilderness of bushes trees, flowers and wild animals about the size of Central Park in New York. I have spent so many wonderful moments with my kids, my husband, my friends and myself in the green surroundings of Amager Fælled. I am deeply concerned with the fact that these to two green breathing spaces are in imminent danger of being turned into construction sites for many years, and after that, being destroyed by roaring cars and trucks. I simply can’t believe that some people would choose to invest in infrastructure for fossil fueled noisy vehicles. The argument from the liberal government is of course money. More jobs, more investments, less time wasted bla bla bla… Why not discuss the pros and cons from a different perspective than just money? What about quality of life for the people living in the city? Copenhagen is famous for being one of the most livable cities in the world. The harbor tunnel project would greatly diminish this reputation and destroy two beautiful places that is very dear. I really hope it isn’t going to happen. XO Ida

ASAP Rocky – Max B

July 7, 2015

Samucha | Eurowoman

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