Who I like to follow on Instagram…

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Emilie Ristevski!

I have followed the Australian instagrammer Helloemilie ever since I had 500 followers on Instagram. I clearly remember the day she began following me. I was so honored. I considered her to be such a talented person, and she still is.

Her pictures have an airiness and sensibility, which is quite unique. The beautiful blurred pastel colors catches my attention again and again. They feel like a secret room that only Emilie has access to. But it’s not only colors that she is amazing at catching. It is also the wind, the air and the light in the landscape she documents. It’s interesting that one can get a feeling of wind in the face, by looking at a static images. Emilie is a master at creating these kind of feelings.

Nature is a recurring theme in her pictures. It can be a beautiful landscape, a wooden surface, clay pots, plants and flowers, woven patterns, scissors and landscape structures. The house in various forms is also a subject Emile is working with.

I love the fact that Emile is not afraid of change. Given I have followed her as long as I have, I’ve seen how her expression changes with time. I have a feeling that she is constantly open to inspiration, but still grounded and that her works comes from within herself

Her soft colors, fog and magical light, makes me wanna travel the world and explore secret places. Go check her out.