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What I like

July 17, 2014

WOLF2C860002BLK_1_large WOXZDC870002NAV_1_large WOLFGL860002BLK_1_large 02U61M0A0003BCK_1_largeImportant things to the cold and long winter in Denmark

If I was getting married again

July 13, 2014



it would be in a dress like this… bryllup 001

and not in a dress like this (my actual wedding dress).


Sophie Bille Brahe

July 7, 2014

CroissantdePerle asd bello Lisa Grand 6 7 Perle di Piede Trois Croissant 2 (2) 8 Palma di Perle sdfIn LOVE with Sophie Bille Brahes work.

Saga – the happiest girl alive

July 2, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The Row Resort 2015

June 23, 2014

the-row-resort-2015-1-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-2 the-row-resort-2015-3-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-4-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-5-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-6-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-7-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-8-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-9-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-10-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-11-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-12-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-13-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-14-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-15-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-16-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-17-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-18-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-19-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-20-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-21-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-22-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-23-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-24-600x900 the-row-resort-2015-25-600x900


I really like this collection. The colors and materials is right down my alley.

Saxo and Melissa

June 16, 2014

929370_188335844695951_2131186270_n 1516000_1493348064226552_478607242_n 10175095_1488000851415432_1390243689_n 10251296_771692969529222_1134354350_n 10251312_300630980094173_834606313_n 10310987_697561136975219_547925622_n c6e4d732304911e393e422000aaa088d_7

When we’re in Rørvig one of my favorite motives is the bond between Saxo and the sweet Melissa. Even though there is a seven years age gab between them they have such a great connection.


June 15, 2014

19E143-Z98_A_175 53bd9b9709c761ce0c2f7f07b368a431 444338_in_xl 20140530-103348-38028440 20140530-103348-38028983 tumblr_n14tkuINWp1tnjnbgo1_1280 tumblr_n14toaeP7Z1tnjnbgo1_1280tumblr_mnv15a45B61rn12fjo1_500 tumblr_mvg0l805su1sb9dyso1_500 tumblr_n08k9n53vG1qez43mo1_500 tumblr_n75y2ukgdO1qgiw5to1_500


We like nice things!


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